O-Yaki – The More Efficient Way to Cook with Skewers | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

So, imagine you’re preparing a cookout and the menu calls for some kabobs. Well, wouldn’t that call for some skewers? And in the midst of all this planning, it starts to rain. You threw the skewers on the grill, but can’t leave them outside unattended! This leaves you needing to tend to them regularly, rotating them so they can cook evenly and not burn.

Well, lo and behold the latest creation by O-Yaki Skewer System.

Created to provide a more efficient way to cook with skewers, whether outside on the grill on in your oven, O-Yaki Skewer System lets you cook several skewers at once. In addition, it offers a reduced risk to uneven cooking and loss of precious marinade juices. On top of that, you’re able to enjoy grilled skewers regardless of the weather outside.

This set of metal skewers rest on a specifically designed stand and can let you cook anything you want right in your oven – from kebabs to shrimp and even an entire chicken!

The set of nine high-grade steel skewers stand up vertically to cook evenly on all sides so there’s no need to turn as you would with conventional skewers.

And because you put the stand directly on a baking sheet, the grease won’t touch the grates in the oven.

And of course, the O-Yaki Skewer System can even fit in a grill, so long as the dome is at least 8 ½ inches high.

So, if you want to give this one-of-a-kind skewer system a try, head on over to oyakiproducts.com.