Give Your Glasses a Deep Clean with Smartclean | NewsWatch Review


Consumer Update

As one who occasionally wears glasses, I well know the frustration that accompanies trying to keep your spectacles free of smudges and grime. No matter how many times you wipe the lenses there’s always a streak of something lingering about.

It seems we’ve been doing it wrong the whole time. There’s a new product making its rounds on Indiegogo that looks like it gets the job done for us and makes sure it’s done right. It’s called Smartclean.

The idea is actually really simple. Using ultrasonic technology, little bubbles are created in a container of water where your glasses sit. These bubbles collapse or pop and create shock waves that shake loose all of the dirt and grime. And not just the dirt on your lenses, it takes care of all of the little guys taking up residence in the nooks and crannies.


It’s wild to see. There are a couple of videos on their campaign page that shows what happens when the Smartclean is turned on. It doesn’t just create a couple of soft bubbles that are scared to offend. When it’s turned on you can see and hear the vibration. It really seems to be working to shake things loose.

Now, the reason we use a cloth or our shirt to clean our glasses is because it’s simple and fast. So to be a proper contender against our cotton t-shirts, the Smartclean would have to be equally simple and fast. Seemingly, it is.

You start by filling the small and slick container with water. Tap water will do. Then you plug it in and place your glasses inside. Now it’s time for the magic.

Switch the little guy on and let it go to work. You can literally see the oil separate and float into the water. It’s wild and, I can imagine, satisfying. In just 3 minutes, your glasses will be good as new. Simply dry them off and you’re good to go.

If you’re not into the whole “watching water boil” thing (literally) then you can go away and come back. The Smartclean turns off automatically after 5 minutes.

Now the Smartclean was developed with glasses in mind but it also works with jewelry, watches (make sure they’re water-resistant), razors, etc. If the item can withstand a few minutes of water and fits in the box, this guy should do the job.

Ultrasonic technology as it applies to cleaning has been ugly and bulky for many years. Smartclean makes it fashionable and handy to fit into any home or office.