FreightPrint – Load Visibility and Document Management System | NewsWatch Review

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A freight shipping company’s success lies in their organization. The more disorganized they are, the more mistakes that occur. And from the customer’s perspective, one thing that goes a long way is their ability to track their shipment. But setting up that kind of system can be a nightmare.

That is unless you’re using FreightPrint.

FreightPrint is an independent load visibility and document management system specifically for the freight and logistics industry. It tracks deliveries and shares it with customers instantly. It’s not only fast but provides necessary info without tying up your employees.

FreightPrint provides:

  • Delivery tracking – give your customers tracking IDs to track their orders online
  • Simple Pricing – reasonable fees, billed by tracked order
  • Alerts – send dispatch and delivery notifications

Using proprietary mobile and cloud software to track shipments, FreightPrint sends out real-time alerts to all parties involved whenever there’s any relevant movement.  And if you’re the freight company, don’t worry about spending time setting it up – it only takes a few minutes to get going, then the app works in the background.

With FreightPrint, you have valuable, income-producing tasks to tend to. Let it track your deliveries and share it with your customers immediately. Give them more information, faster, without waiting on the phone or radioing a driver. Even more, free up your staff for other work and enhance customer service.

The drivers don’t need to worry about checking into the app or anything. And though it’s running in the background they also won’t have to worry about it draining their battery. Additionally, they’ll receive helpful alerts, like when they drive past their destination.

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