Farm at Hand – Cloud-Based Farm Management Software | NewsWatch Review


This country was built by the hard work of farmers, and though the basic principles of farming haven’t changed, technology has made huge strides in recent years. Farm at Hand is a cloud-based farm management software that focuses on making managing the farm easier.

Farmers can access the information they need and collaborate with partners on-the-go. The simple and intuitive design of the app helps farmers track all field activities from planting to harvest so they know everything that’s happening in their fields.

Farmers have their inventory available at their fingertips, so they know exactly what they have on hand to sell. The app allows them to plan their year from overall crop mix to field specific blends. They can also share their crop plan with key members of their team such as a sales advisor or agronomist.

Farmers have the following benefits for using Farm at Hand:

  • See past year’s rotations and activities
  • Share your plan with everyone on your team including your agronomist
  • Export a shopping list of what you need for seed, fertilizer, and pesticides to secure the best varieties
  • Be prepared in spring all your activities planned out, ready to hit complete
  • Estimate your total production
  • Farmers are prepared for the season with Planned Activities on each field, created by their crop plans, making hitting ‘complete’ easy to do on-the-go

In addition, field management will help you easily capture key field information. You’ll be able to track all field activities such as planting, spraying, scouting, harvesting and more using your smartphone.

The basic Farm at Hand app is available on iOS and Android devices for free or $499 a year for the Premium version.

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