Capitalise – Understanding the Natural Human Language of All Traders | NewsWatch Review

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Trading sounds to be an easy game. You’ll win and you’ll lose, but if you stick to your guns and use statistical analysis, you’ll come out on top. But the problem is humans are driven by emotion.

When a stock goes up, we ride it out of greed. And when it’s down, we’re too scared to cut our loses. So what if you could take out the emotion and trade like a machine? That’s where Capitalise comes in with their automated trading platform.

This platform not only takes the emotion out of trading, but it also understands natural human language so traders of all skill levels can use it. And it has access to thousands of data points from prices and technical analysis indicators, so it can execute your strategies even if you’re sleeping or enjoying dinner with your friends.

The platform also works for traders of all walks of life– from traditional markets to crypto traders. And dependent on the strategy you want to take, you can run multiple strategies at once.

So if you want to go simple, like buying an asset at a specific market price; or complicated with conditions on entry and exit, you can. And you don’t have to worry about sticking to your guns or cutting your loses, because the machine is in charge.

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