My Fashion Crate – Subscription Box Filled with Fun Clothing, Accessories, Coupons and More | NewsWatch Review

 Consumer Update

We’re all so busy, so how do we make sure that we’re on the forefront of trends? That’s why you need to check out My Fashion Crate. My Fashion Crate is a curated subscription box with fun and trendy clothing and accessories, coupons, and gift cards for fashionistas.

My Fashion Crate is to help you feel fashionable and trendy all the time! The products in the box range from clothing, accessories, bags, jewelry, all right off the runway!

So for just $35 a month, you get a value of more than $200 worth of items at your door. Unlike most subscription boxes where you need to pay extra for the items, you decide to keep, My Fashion Crate lets you keep everything at no extra cost.

And we all know that keeping up with trends can be tricky, ever-changing, and time-consuming. To stay abreast of the latest trends, you can watch Fashion Week shows or get some magazines or go shopping around. But if you’re tired of shopping or just simply don’t have the time, you can subscribe to Fashion Subscription Box and have all the latest trendy items delivered to your door every month.

Just think, you can get a new outfit without any commitment or time spent browsing around endlessly.

Get your very first box by heading to today.