UrboLabs – Taking Control of Which Businesses You Want to Receive Promotions From | NewsWatch Review


It seems like every time we go to a new store, the cashier asks for our email address. In return, our inboxes are flooded with emails of specials and marketing campaigns from every store we’ve ever visited.

A company called UrboLabs just released its mobile platform called Urbo that offers a solution. Urbo hands control over communication flow back to users by allowing them to reconstruct their real-world virtually in the app, retaining complete control over which businesses they would like to receive promotions from.

You start by searching for your favorite businesses, from your grocery store to your doctor’s office, and then add them to your very own map. The businesses work hand in hand with Urbo, so you receive their deals, promotions, and even event information. They control the timing and content of what’s on the app.

Instead of shuffling through junk, you can easily access the deals and all other relevant information like phone number and directions to your favorite business in one central location. Not only are you cleaning up the mess, but you’re also going to save money by having clear visibility into what’s what.

And did I forget to mention there’s even a rewards system for performing daily tasks like checking in and sharing deals redeemable instantaneously for fun prizes real monetary rewards?

Start consolidating your life today by downloading Urbo for free on the App or Google Play store.