By: Nick Gambino

CBS has just extended the streaming agreement it has with the NFL to another four years and will include the ability to stream games right through its mobile platform.

CBS has stuck to its guns and continually released its content right through its own streaming platform, CBS All Access. With a lot of #1 shows on its roster (NCIS, Big Bang Theory), it’s had the clout to pull a stunt like that and flip the bird to Hulu and other services who’ve clamored for its shows.

If that wasn’t enough to afford them bragging rights, CBS is also in bed with the NFL, airing numerous games throughout the season. NFL ON CBS games have been streaming to CBS All Access subscribers on tablets, computers and TVs since 2016, but with the expanded deal they’ll now be able to watch the games right on their phone. This effectively expands it to everyone who exists, as everyone and their second cousin owns a smartphone.

“We’re very pleased to extend and expand our partnership with the NFL and give our viewers and CBS All Access subscribers the ability to stream NFL ON CBS games on mobile phones in addition to all other platforms for years to come,” President & Chief Operating Officer of CBS Interactive, Marc DeBevoise, said in a press release.

“The 2018 season will mark a new era for NFL fans with unprecedented access to NFL games across digital platforms,” COO of NFL Media and Business, Hans Schroeder, added.

But the real kicker here is the game that’ll be streaming to any device with CBS All Access on February 3rd, 2019. That game is a little event we call the Super Bowl. That’s right, Super Bowl LIII will be available to watch through your phone. This will come in handy for anyone stuck at work without access to a TV.

To access the CBS content in the All Access app, you’ll need to be a subscriber to CBS through a cable provider like Verizon or sign up for a plan that starts out as low as $5.99 a month.

The agreement is only good through 2022, so hurry and sign up before it all disappears.