Jimmy Styks – Paddle Boarding for All Walks of Life | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

It’s time to gear-up for summer and put one of the most popular water activities on your list of to-dos. Paddleboarding offers a relaxing variant to surfing where the rider uses a paddle to travel through water instead of waiting for a wave to ride.

Whether you’re seeking adventure, a fire-time water explorer, or just regular outdoor enthusiast, paddle boarding is made for you! Launched in 2009, Jimmy Styks made it a goal to make paddle boarding accessible for nearly everyone.

Their boards span all levels of experience from the beginner to the advanced. And what’s more, they’re affordable. When you land on their site, you’ll find several styles depending on what you’re looking for – inflatable, Ironhide, soft, and epoxy.

The most popular board due to its lightweight and rigid body is the inflatable board.

They even won Outside Magazine’s award for Best Inflatable of 2018. Each board comes with everything you need to hit the water including a safety leash, paddle, and a board bag to travel to and from the water. With affordable prices on killer boards aimed at making paddle boarding more accessible, they’re making it possible for adventure for all.

In addition, you can find accessories on the Jimmy Styks website such as:

  • Dual action High-Pressure Pump
  • Carbon Fiber Adjustable Paddle
  • 10′ Coiled Leash
  • Carbon Fiber Adjustable Travel Paddle
  • And more

Head over to jimmystyks.com to peruse their inventory today.