Neoteric Nutra LLC – Providing Benefits of Hemp Extract that Meet the Needs of People | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

It’s a well-known fact that hemp extract has incredible health benefits, like promoting better sleep, assisting with mental clarity, and helping with overall aches and pains. One company, Neoteric Nutra, has formulated a unique Nano Soft Gel that gives people all the benefits of hemp extract by using the safest ingredients possible.

With over-the-counter-products, they can sometimes work, but usually to a certain degree. But if you have a serious pain problem, for example, and you take aspirin or ibuprofen or naproxen, those will only provide a certain level or relief beyond of which you’re just going to have to suffer in silence. However, people can turn to cannabinoids for pain management.

Chief Science Officer and Founder, a Colorado-based biotech company, helped patent nextHEMP technology which is an active formulation and delivery system in NEOTERIC NUTRA.

Neoteric Nutra is committed to providing the highest quality hemp extract that they possibly can so they can also meet the needs of the people. Their product doesn’t degrade in the stomach. There’s a nano-shell that encapsulates every particulate, every molecule of the CBD. Most products will get to your stomach and it will degrade. Some may actually turn back into THC, which can have you turn up positive in tests. That’s a fact that most of the companies don’t want to talk about.

The recommended dosage is two soft gels and there are five milligrams per soft gel. That varies from person to person. It works in 30 to 40 minutes, so you’ll feel it working and get to know yourself with the soft gel, with the CBD. Most people will just take two soft gels with their daily vitamins.

But they’re not stopping with just the CBD industry. Neoteric Nutra founders, Brian and Jenny, believe in the power of music to spread positivity and inclusion.  And they’re doing just that by sponsoring bands like Surabhi Ensemble as they embark on their world tour. Elliot Waits for No One will be performing with the Surabhi Ensemble on their Global Peace Initiative.

To learn more about Elliot Waits for No One, visit their facebook page at and to see the work that Neoteric Nutra is doing, visit their website at