Games have been played for generations. They are loved by people of all races and ages. If there is one thing that does not discriminate in the world, its games. This is because they are fun and easy to manage. Games have also been grouped into different categories.

Most Influential Game Ideas

Games are derived from a number of things, be it sports, movies, makeup or casinos online. Anything can basically be turned into a game with the right minds and the tools. All that is needed is innovation and thinking out of the box. This can result in games that are either fun, addictive or just unusual like Booger Boing were players have to shoot a booger through a nose. As said earlier, all that is needed is innovation and a creative mind.


Sport is one category that has a lot of games under its wings. These include online, mobile and desktop games. A few of the most popular sports games are FIFA under soccer, NHL 2K under hockey, Madden NFL under football. The creators of these games took amazing sports and turned into even more amazing games. Allowing people around the world to enjoy the game from two very different, yet equally entertaining aspects.


Food, wonderful food. No matter where anyone goes in the world, food is a must. Food comes in all shapes and sizes. And it’s so ever delightful to eat. No wonder there are so many games based on food. Games like Candy Crush, Fruit Ninja, Purble Place among others. Bringing both the love of food and the fun of games into one amazing dish. There are even online casinos in usa with real money gambling games based on food.


Movies can also be part of the most influential game ideas. This is because most of the catchy movies have games. Movies like Spider-Man, Hotel Transylvania and Planet of The Apes are among the top games. This can also work vice-versa as some top movies were also based on games. This includes movies like of Mortal Combat, Dead or Alive, Prince of Persia: Sands of Time to mention just a few.