Sock Panda – Subscribe to Get and Donate Socks | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Socks have come a long way since the boring days when they were mostly white or black.

Sock Panda was launched back in 2011 with the vision that socks could be colorful, fun, and fashionable.

With the right design and splash of color, socks become an expressive fashion statement.

This subscription-based plan not only sends amazing conversation starting socks to your door each month but since they donate socks with every new subscription you are also helping someone in need! This makes for the perfect gift!

Through their Give Back Program, they’ve donated nearly 100,000 socks to homeless shelters, low-income senior centers, hospitals, and underprivileged classrooms throughout the United States.

Sock Panda’s designs range from wild and crazy to fun patterns with eyepopping colors.

No matter if you’re an Argyle person or enjoy something crazier, there’s a sock made just for you.

From stylish and suave to daring and bold, Sock Panda has socks for all demographics; men, women, kids and even tweens.

Made from high-quality Peruvian cotton combined with stretch yarns for the ultimate in comfort without losing its shape.

Created for ages three and up and perfect for many occasions, Sock Panda Socks are sure to bring smiles.

To pick up a pair or to learn more, visit today.