Solar Buddies – Refillable Sunscreen Applicator for Adults and Kids | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

With the sun in full force this summer, it’s important that we are nice and generous with sunscreen, especially with kids. There’s no need to suffer from a nasty sunburn or something worse.

If you’re like most people then you’re probably not a fan of the mess caused by squirting it out of a conventional bottle. Don’t worry, we’ve found a solution that’ll avoid the mess but still make sure you and your children stay protected.

The Solar Buddies applicator is a refillable sunscreen applicator designed to be easily used by anyone, including kids.

Its chunky body makes it super easy for children to grip while the sponge and rollerball work hand in hand for smooth and even application throughout the skin.

These applicators are unique because they’re specifically designed for use by children and are refillable applicator that allows you to use the sunscreen of your choice.

The controlled flow out of the Solar Buddies means you won’t have to deal with a ton of waste or the dreaded messy hands.

The ease of use also means kids will be more likely to apply sunscreen and learn the importance of protecting their skin. In addition, the shape of the bottle is chunky so it’s easier for children to grip; with its sponge and rollerball partnership, it allows for simple coverage with little to no mess and waste due to its controlled flow.

As I said before, the applicator is refillable, so you can use your preferred sunscreen. Just fill it up before you head out.

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