Tittle for Parents – Regulate Your Child’s Mobile Device Usage | NewsWatch Review

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With the rampant use of phones and tablets, it’s hard for parents to deny their children the use of such devices. What parents need is a way to regulate their usage so it doesn’t become addictive.

And that’s where Tittle for Parents comes in.

If you’re a parent, you’ve probably experienced how your children may slowly drift apart from you – especially with the advent of mobile devices. There’s less communication and when you may talk, it is usually one-word replies because their attention is on their games and social media! Tittle for Parents wanted a button to remotely turn off their devices, and hopefully regain the family time that used to be had. 

Tittle for Parents wanted to provide parents with a smart tool that can easily limit app access at any time, or with a fixed schedule such as during school or meal times.

Parents can set up multiple schedules to limit device usage during different times of the day.

That includes school, meal time, family time, and, of course when they should be going to sleep.

You can also block access to apps like social media and games, and allow selected apps that are educational and encourages learning!

Tittle’s specially designed browser provides parents with the capability to review and block websites that your children have visited there.

You’ll be able to see how long they spend on each app and review any that they download.

There’s even a tracking feature that lets you keep tabs on your child’s location! So, resume the one-on-one time you used to share with your child and start moderating their mobile device usage.

If you’re interested in learning more information about Tittle for Parents, visit tittleforparents.com.