Parken – The Airbnb of Reserving and Hosting Parking Spots | NewsWatch Review


If you commute or live in an overcrowded city, then you know how much a pain it is to find parking.

Well instead of circling the block for 45 minutes in your quest for the ever-elusive parking spot, check out the app Parken.

Parken is like the Airbnb of reserving and hosting parking spots. There are actually two apps.

Using the host app, people can list a parking spot they want to rent out. This can be their own private parking, their driveway, a parking lot, garage or any vacant spot.

In the guest app, users can search for available spots. When looking at the list of parking spots they can compare prices and reviews.

Once they’ve decided on one they reserve it, even if it’s well in advance.

And if they need more direct communication there’s a message portal in each app.

Guests and hosts then rate each other once the spot has been used.

So, while everyone else is driving around trying to find a parking spot, you can reserve your very own with the simple tap of a button.

Search for “Parken” in the App Store to download it for free on your iPhone or head to today.