Test Covers – A Discreet Test-Taking Solution | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Copying other students’ answers when taking a test and other forms of cheating are problems schools have been trying to solve since the classroom was invented. Well, when it comes to short answer and bubble tests, there’s a simple solution to prevent cheating.

Test Covers provide an effective and discreet solution to keeping tests safe from prying eyes.

Test Covers were designed by a biology professor who was looking for a better solution than providing multiple versions of tests.

The Test Cover folder hides the test from everyone but the test taker. These are folders that:

  • Protect students’ answers on bubble and short answer tests
  • Eliminate the need for multiple versions of a test
  • Make it easier to proctor a test, no wandering eyes
  • Increase focus and accuracy in entering answers
  • Reusable, recyclable, and affordable

The student taking the test can focus on answering the questions without the need to protect their hard-earned answers from wandering eyes.

Now, this isn’t meant to be a punishment for cheaters. Instead, The Test Cover is looking at a positive solution that deters cheaters from doing anything but concentrating on their own test.

In a survey conducted over a 4-year period, 85% of 700 community college science students thought Test Covers were a good idea and reduced cheating. Many students also thought the Test Covers made it easier to fill out bubble forms accurately.

Whether you’re a teacher, a student or a parent, head over to testcovers.com for the solution to uncompromised short answer and bubble tests.