WigL – Smart Wireless Power Technology | NewsWatch Review

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As we become more and more dependent on electronic devices, our need for power to use them increases.  And there currently isn’t a form of charging that doesn’t require some form of a cord or electronic leash.

But could you imagine if you never needed to plug in your phone or tablet or electric car again? That’s where WigL comes in with their Smart Wireless Power technology.

WigL is power sent wirelessly over the air with smart software that communicates just like Wi-Fi with data. Everybody is tied to a wall or in the extreme sense, they’re tied to a pad charger which the industry calls wireless which isn’t wireless. It turns out that our like for our electronic devices is tied to how well the battery performs.

When the battery is at 100 percent, we love it. But when the battery is at zero, we hate it. WigL cuts the cord, literally, by treating power like Wi-Fi does data.

Essentially, you no longer have to worry about being tied to a pad or a cord anymore. You can literally send power a certain distance. You can encrypt that power just like we encrypt data and spread that around so when you walk in your house, your phone starts charging immediately. Overnight your devices that normally have batteries can ask for a charge when the power is the cheapest and make it more convenient.

To learn more about WigL and their smart wireless power technology, visit WigLpower.com today.