Polyup – Who Knew Math Could be So Fun | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Math is at the core of everything we do. It’s important to understand the fundamentals of math for lifelong success, but it’s one of those subjects that can be intimidating and challenging for young minds.

Polyup makes math fun… even for its greatest naysayers.

Polyup was originally created by a professor and student to make math a thinking playground, where students from grades 3-12 can solve interactive math problems.

There are three different levels to bring math to life. The first level is for students from grades 3 to 5. These students will play games that will help them with subjects like the order of operations and problem-solving.

The next level is for students from grades 6 to 8. These games are a little more complex, with games involving sequences, algorithmic thinking, and more.

And, lastly, there’s a level for high school students, teaching subjects such as numerical methods, calculus, and even algorithms.

But as we said, this is fun! Polyup’s beautiful design and engaging atmosphere allows students to see the beauty of math.

Polyup is available for free from any web device. Learn more at polyup.com today.