PuppComm – Monitoring Your Pup at All Times | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

For dog owners, our furry friends are not just pets but a part of the family. So it’s important that we always know they’re safe, especially when we’re not around.

PuppComm is a palm-sized device that monitors the environment around your dog and transmits relevant information to an app on your smartphone.

The easy-to-use app interface displays all the information you’ll need on one screen.
So at a glance, you’ll be able to check on your dog and know whether or not they’re safe.

You’ll receive alerts and notifications about the temperature and humidity, battery level of the PuppComm, unusual sounds like barking, and how long you’ve been away.

PuppComm also comes with a passerby interface that lets you place PuppComm stickers on your car window if you ever leave your dog in the car.

Passerbys that want to check on the little guy, simply send a text to PuppComm by following the instructions on the sticker.

They’ll receive a text back showing the temperature inside and outside the car.
Head to Indiegogo and search for “PuppComm” to find out how to get your paws on one today.