Freshman Year

Freshman year of college is going to be both fun and stressful.

There is a great difference between high school and college life. In college, students have a lot of freedom and meet students from different cultures across the world. Therefore, the life will be full of fun activities as well as stress resulting from the expectations of getting good grades. Freshmen should follow various college survival tips in order to be successful in their school and career life.

Tips for surviving your first year in college

Attend all orientations

One of the key things that a freshman can do to cope with a first year’s life in college is to attend all the orientations. This would ensure that they are familiar with most of the facilities within the campus vicinity and the places whereby they are expected to be at a given time. Having identified the lecture halls reduces the chances of being late for classes.

Attend classes

In addition, another college student tips is that attending classes makes the life of a freshman easy because they will familiarize themselves with the curriculum of the university since it’s different from that of high school. Skipping classes can lead to a student not understanding the topic that was taught during that lesson hence resulting in poor grades. However, attending all the classes ensures that the student is up to date with all the activities that are required of them.

Make friends

As well, friends play a substantial role in helping first-year students on how to survive in college. If possible, make friends from the other years because they already know what is expected of them while in college. Hence, they will be of great help to a freshman by providing them with additional orientation. Among such orientation could be the introduction to social groups that help a student fit in the campus life. As well, the groups break the studying monotony hence making it possible for the freshmen to achieve good grades.

Identify study areas

Every student has different learning abilities and, therefore, the library is not always the best place for everyone to carry out their studies. Some students understand concepts better while studying in a noisy environment while others prefer to study in quiet areas. Therefore, as a freshman, it is important to identify the place that best suits your requirements so that it can enhance the learning abilities. One can decide to study in the library or form their hostel.

Make a money budget

Surviving in college does not only involve studying effectively. A student has to spend money on certain activities such as eating in order to survive. Therefore, given the fact that a freshman does not have a parent to control their daily finances, it is important for them to create a budget. The budget prevents them from impulse spending hence ensuring that the money is enough to take them through a specific period.

Follow course requirements

Students enroll in different courses and, therefore, failure to follow and comprehend the requirement can result in a negative impact on their grades. There have been cases whereby students miss out on submitting their assignments because they did not pay attention to the deadline. Hence, it is important to ensure that you have a syllabus for every course to stay up to date with what is required of you. This is among the tips for college that guarantees good grades when followed.

Balance activities

College life is full of fun activities that can divert the attention of a freshman away from studies. As a result, it is important for every student to identify the activities that add value to their life and stay away from those that lead to time wastage. Regardless of the fact that learning is a priority in college, too much of it can harden the life of a student. Hence, it is important to have a balance between learning and extra curriculum activities.

Set goals

In addition, setting goals would keep freshmen focused on the important things that they wish to achieve during their life in college. As a result, they will be able to avoid the activities that do not contribute to the achievement of their goals. Freshmen can seek the help of a career adviser to set reasonable goals since they do not have much exposure to the outside world. The freshmen have depended on their parents, but once in campus, they realize that they have an obligation of building their future.

Stay healthy

As well, there are no parents to cook a balanced meal. Thus, it is possible for a freshman to find themselves snacking a lot instead of eating healthy meals. Such eating habits can result in stomach upsets that would force a student to skip classes.

Study hard, and you will be rewarded

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Concisely, every student has tips that work best for them to make their life in freshmen years easy. Try not to copy what other students are doing. Following what works best for you is a great start to surviving the remaining years of college life.