Affinity Designer – Robust Graphic Design App for Your iPad | NewsWatch Review


Graphic designers have never had more tools at their disposal than right now. With tablets and smartphones able to process at speeds significantly faster than computers from a decade ago, designers are able to do their work on the go. But as all things are not equal, it goes without saying that some of the apps and software out there are little more than bloatware with limited functionality.

So if you’re looking for a robust graphic design app for your iPad, where do you start? Well, we did some research for you and came up with the answer.

Developed after exhaustive research and input from leading professional graphic designers, Affinity Designer is easily one of the most ambitious creative apps currently available on a tablet.

The app employs velvet-smooth vector tools resulting in curves with pinpoint precision. From initial sketches to fleshing out a design in vector, to handing off your design for professional print or web, everything is covered here. Speaking of the export function, this is an extremely important feature for any design work. Collaboration in a creative sphere is key.

Affinity Designer’s export engine covers all major file types, whether you’re intending for your design to be printed, show up on the web or appear in an app. Another must for any graphic design app to be taken seriously is its precision.

Its pencil stabilization allows you to produce the smoothest and most accurate lines possible on a tablet. Whether you’re drawing using freehand pencil or brush tools. But it goes even further. You have the option to zoom in over one million percent, ensuring complete accuracy, down to the finest detail.

There are over 100 brushes built into the app, offering the ability to execute any design with as much rich media texture as you need. It also boasts 22 non-destructive adjustment layers that preview instantly, with full support for masks, stacks and clipping layers. And if you’re looking to create awesome typography, you’re covered with their unrivaled text engine.

The Affinity Designer by Serif was built from the ground up to take full advantage of the iPad’s capabilities. You can use the pencil or your finger as well as the tablet’s intuitive multi-touch gestures.

Download the Affinity Designer app on your iPad today with a one-time payment of $19.99.