Pilates on Fifth – Hundreds of Workout Videos All in One App | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report/AppWatch

As the owners of New York’s premiere Pilates studio, Pilates on Fifth, Katherine and Kimberly Corp have been pioneers in the field.

Now they’re taking it to the next level with Pilates on Fifth Online. Pilates on Fifth Online offers hundreds of workout videos right at your fingertips.

Accessible anywhere, anytime with the option for offline access, this convenient platform offers subscribers workout calendars to help meet their unique goals.

Let’s say you want to achieve flat abs in six weeks. No problem. Just use the calendar, and of course, put in the work.

There are hundreds of workouts for every fitness level. So you’ll never feel overwhelmed or like success is out of your reach.

You’ll be able to find the right workout for your lifestyle. Some workouts are as short as ten minutes, making it easy to find just the right workout to fit your busy schedule. In addition to workout videos, Pilates on Fifth Online offers technique videos to ensure you’re doing the exercises correctly and are achieving maximum results. But they’re more than just Pilates exercises in the app.

You’ll also find Barre, Cardio dance, and more with new videos posted every week. Get started today at GetPilatesOnline.com.