Songkick – Bringing the Magic of Live Music to Fans Everywhere | NewsWatch Review


Music is more accessible than ever with streaming platforms, but no matter how banging your system is or how easy it is to listen to a song, nothing will ever replace the thrill of live music. Songkick understands this thrill.

The Songkick app is on a mission to bring the magic of live music to fans everywhere by making the process of finding and going to concerts effortless. Once you sign up you’ll have the option of importing and tracking your favorite artists from Spotify, Facebook, and other platforms. From there, you’re alerted anytime they have a nearby concert.

Say you want to track Drake. You’ll receive an instant alert whenever he announces a show in your area. All the information you need to buy tickets will be right there with a link to snag them immediately. Songkick is even rewarding its users with access to free, intimate concerts and opportunities to meet their favorite artists.

There are currently over 150 million users tracking artists through Songkick, making the app one of the top platforms to discover live music. They have 6 million concert and festival listings and 150,000 artists using their platform.

You can download the Songkick app for free in the Google Play or App Store today.