Elewraps – Cover and Protect your Charging Cables | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

When you buy a new phone it usually comes packaged with a high-quality charging cable and headphones. Replacing those accessories when they break or are misplaced can be a real hassle.

Well, now there’s a solution to extend the life of both must-use items. Elewraps [pronounced: elle-ah wraps] were designed to cover and protect charging cables and headphones from fraying or other damage.

By wrapping your cords in the colorful cable wraps you’re preventing wear and tear from daily use. But it goes even further. The slick and robust design also prevents tangled headphones. And the colorful design ensures nobody accidentally “steals” them claiming they thought they belonged to them.

Your unique color wrap is easily identifiable, allowing you to lay claim to your property. The Elewraps elePack is a twin pack of wraps, one for your headphones and one for your charging cable. But if you’re looking to solve the problem amongst family members you can get the Family elePack which comes with 4 elePack colors.

With each Family elePack, a 5% donation is made to the Elephant Sanctuary, an organization dedicated to improving the lives of elephants previously in captivity or used in performances.

To purchase your Elewraps today, head over to Elewraps.com for free shipping. Also available on Amazon.