Habitat Soundscaping – Reconnecting Humans and Reducing Distractions | NewsWatch Review

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As humans we are intrinsically drawn to nature – the sounds, the views, anything that assures us we’re living on this beautiful green earth. Unfortunately, most man-made cities are anything but lush with nature.

They’ve literally steamrolled right over the very essence of what allows us to breathe and be at peace. This is most obvious in their modern offices. Plantronics Habitat Soundscaping reconnects humans and nature in the office by using sight, sound, and science to reduce distractions and bridge the gap between modern life’s demands and our basic human needs.

Custom designed for each office, this system uses software to dynamically adapt to the surrounding environment to minimize distracting conversations. You may have noticed that things like humming lights and nearby conversations can be incredibly distracting and cause stress.

The Habitat Soundscaping system disguises those unwanted noises by replacing them with soothing audio we’re meant to hear. Your custom design might include waterfalls, digital skylights or digital windows, as well as the sound of peaceful flowing water and other sounds of nature.

Habitat Soundscaping solutions create environments that naturally reduce distractions to foster concentration for the individual and collaboration for the team.

For more information head on over to habitat.plantronics.com today.