Vidii – Taking the Next Step in How You Text | NewsWatch Review


How many times have you been in a conversation, whether it be in person or over text, where the perfect response was with a movie line?  “You’re going to need a bigger boat”.  Or how about “You can’t handle the truth!” Sometimes letting the pros say it for you is the best move. Well, if you’re like me and wish you could use movie lines at a given notice, you need to check out the Vidii keyboard app.

Vidii is that next step to help you make your texting more fun or just express yourself in a more meaningful way and it’s easy to get.

You go to the app store, you download the app, and the app tells you how to put it directly in the iMessage. Essentially, it is just another keyboard. Everybody knows how to pull up their emoji keyboards, well there is a Vidii keyboard.

You just tap on it, pull it up and it’s as easy to use as emojis. Currently, anything from the Deadpool movies are great.

Text messaging has become the most common way people communicate now over long distances. Just those words going back and forth we have kind of lost that human element and that human emotion. Vidii kind of replaces that so Vidii is for anyone who texts.

To start sending your favorite movie lines, download the Vidii app for free in the App store today.