Long Distance Relationships

When you say about someone that they are cheating on you, you think that they are kissing someone, or they are getting cosy in a hotel room. But, in the modern age people consider cheating, actions that do not imply two persons having physical contact. Social media is one of the main factors that led to relationship collapse in the recent years. Social media cheating is one of the main reasons people state when they decide to divorce from their partners. You cannot blame them for liking a picture on Facebook or Instagram. But there are some signs you should pay attention to when they are using social media, because they will point you, if your partner is cheating on you. Social media made cheating a more accessible thing, because people from different geographical areas can communicate. In the majority of cases, what starts as a harmless discussion can lead to a full emotional or even physical affair. So how can you check if your partner is cheating on you?


They are using a fake profile

There are two categories of people who are creating fake profiles. There are the persons who use a fake Instagram or Facebook page to troll other people on the Internet, and if this is the case of your partner, you should not worry. Actually, if they have a fake profile for this purpose, there are great chances they to have already informed you about this aspect. But there are also persons who create a fake account because they have a behaviour that can cause you suspicion. In case they have a fake profile, and they have not shared this information with you until now, then this is the moment to ask them why they prefer to do it.

They are constantly chatting with people you do not know

It is understandable that they know persons you do not know, because they work with different persons. But very few people are chatting with their co-workers constantly, especially if they are from the opposite sex. When it comes to friends, because you are in a relationship, you definitely know each other’s friends, or at least you have heard stories about them, if you are not living in the same city. However, if you notice that they are constantly chatting with persons from the opposite sex, you have no idea who they are, then it is a reason you to be worried.

If they feel the need to hide the name of the person from you, and they are trying to avoid the conversations when you ask them whom they are chatting with, then they want to hide that person from you. If you notice this type of behaviour, it is advisable to let them know what your opinion is, and to ask them for an explanation.

They are constantly checking someone’s profile

If they are checking their ex’s profile from time to time it does not mean that they are not faithful to you. They are simply curious, and you should not worry. A reason of concern is if they are constantly checking a person’s profile, and they are interested in every new status or profile the other person posts. If they are isolating from you, and they seem to spend plenty of time checking multiple social media pages of the same person, you have all the right to be worried. A way to find out more about the person they are following is to use a people search website.

They ignore your comments and tags

The persons who are involved in a relationship are often tagging one another in photos and posts. If they do not respond you a couple of times, you should not worry, they may have been busy at work, or they might have seen it too late. When should you worry? When they ignore your comments and tags repeatedly, or when they delete the tags. If they decide not to offer you attention on social media, or if they never mention your relationship, you should suspect that something is not right.  You should also know that it is not healthy for your relationship if you are constantly tagging them in posts.

They have a flirty attitude

If their recent social media activity has been extra flirty, then they are attracted by the idea of cheating. If they post pictures and they share posts because they want to tempt other people to connect with them, then it is a clear sign that they are considering the idea of cheating. Pay attention, not all people are doing it on purpose; they may only need a warning. Some people do not even know that some of their social media habits are affecting their relationship. But if you are discussing with them this subject and they continue to have a flirty attitude online, then they may be unfaithful.

They make plans without even asking you

It is nothing more bothering that finding out from social media that your partner is having fun with someone else. It is something normal they to meet their friends and to go out without you, both of you need your independence. But if you have to check social media to find out where they have been and with whom, then it is a sign that they prefer to make plans without asking you. When in a relationship both partners should know about the activities, outings and events the other is attending, even if they are doing it alone. Remember it is healthy for a relationship the partners to have a life outside their partnership. However, if they are committed to you, they will include you in some of these activities and they will not hide their plans from you.

The above social media habits are only some of the signs that your partner may be unfaithful. Some others are when they stop posting couple photos, they are constantly laughing when chatting with someone, they are protective with their phone and laptop, or their posts show that they have an anti-relationship attitude.