DOFUS Touch – Immerse Yourself in a World Full of Adventure and Wonder | NewsWatch Review


While there are a variety of gaming experiences out there from first-person shooters to puzzle games, there’s something about the community within an MMORPG that is unlike anything else.

One such game that recently caught our attention is DOFUS [pronunciation: doh – fuss] Touch. This unique and funny MMORPG has a thriving community all bent on doing one thing – immersing themselves in a rich world filled with adventure and wonder.

In this imaginary medieval universe, dragons, heroes, and gods fight each other for the precious dragon eggs known as DOFUS. Evil forces have stolen the magic eggs and must be stopped. It’s up to you to find them and unlock their powers.

Travel throughout this rich world, fighting creatures and making friends. You’ll engage in guild wars, 3 vs 3 battles, or even spontaneous 1 on 1 fights that’ll leave one player standing. When you’re not fighting you’ll have the opportunity to take up a profession and make use of resources in the game.

By thrashing enemies and gaining experience you’ll be up to rise up the ranks. But more importantly, you’ll have a community where you can make life-long friends.

To download and start playing DOFUS Touch today, search DOFUS TOUCH in the App and Google Play Store and visit