Car accidents are violent and completely unpredictable. There are an estimated 6 million accidents involving a vehicle every year in the U.S., and the number of fatalities number in the tens of thousands. While they may be unpredictable, if we’re prepared, we can lower those numbers dramatically.

One of the ways we can prevent further injury is by investing in a seatbelt cutter that allows us to escape from our vehicle before further damage occurs. Seatbelt cutters haven’t made much in the way of advancements since the 80s, until now.

The Cut N Go is a new and revolutionary tool for ensuring you and your family are able to exit your vehicle after a collision. This childproof safety device allows you to cut through your seat belt safely and quickly. The razor-sharp blade is concealed until it’s ready for use, so you’d never known it was there. In an emergency, all you need to do is simply lift and cut. The inconspicuous lifesaver does away with your seatbelt like paper in an instant.

The Cut N Go doesn’t stop at releasing you from your damaged seatbelt. After you’re out of your restraints, you still need to exit the car, and often after an accident, the door and/or window are unable to open. The Cut N Go features a tungsten carbide (one of the strongest metals around) breaking pin that will shatter your window with one strike. You can then exit the vehicle and help others do the same.

The seatbelt cutter fastens securely to any seatbelt and is capable of staying locked in forever, in case there ever comes a time when you need it. In fact, you can’t remove it, so there’s no worry about it not being there for whatever reason. No matter how violently the seatbelt is thrown around, this handy device won’t let go.

There is one more feature that makes this tool a “cut” above the rest. The PVD coated blade can withstand extreme elements like rain, salt water, and humidity, and never loses its effectiveness. If you use it in 15 years, it’ll work like the day you installed it.

And if you’re ever unresponsive, there are stickers you can place on your window to let servicemen and women know that you have the Cut N Go system in your vehicle.

Of course, we hope you never have a car accident, but if you ever do, the Cut N Go is there to help you and your family exit to safety.

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