Spider Tool Holster – Any Tool Right at Your Hip | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Do you work with power tools often? Then you’re familiar with the problem of “where did I put that darned thing?”

Well, we’ve got you covered with the Spider Tool Holster. The Spider Tool Holster puts any tool right at your hip, ready to use when you need it.

The Holster clips securely to your belt while the Tool Grips wrap tightly around any tool you want to keep handy. Just attach the Grip around the handle of your tool and slide it into the Holster.

Once you hear the lock click into place, you’re good to go. The Grip has a rubber pattern to provide a snug and secure fit around any tool handle.

We know you might need several tools for a single project. Grab the Expansion Set for two extra Grips, so you don’t have to swap them between tools, and an adhesive Tool Tab to carry tape measures or other tools.

The Spider Tool Holster is designed for regular belts or tool belts up to 2 inches. Learn more by going to SpiderToolHolster.com.