When you are in pain, it is challenging to have a normal life. It is hard to concentrate at work or at home, and sometimes physical activity becomes much more of a chore. In some cases, the pain can be combatted through medication, and it is always wise to seek expert medical advice in case the pain you are experiencing is a symptom of something more serious.

Sometimes, however, there is no real cause; it might simply be your body telling you it’s tired, or that you need to look after it better. Before you can help yourself, you need to reduce or even relieve the pain entirely. Only then can you concentrate on making yourself fitter and healthier. Here are some ways to relieve pain that might just help you.


Even a small amount of activity can help to relieve pain, and if a small amount is all you can do, then you should still do it! Exercising releases endorphins into the bloodstream, and these are the body’s natural painkillers. They work by blocking pain signals so that your brain doesn’t receive the information.

If you can do any kind of activity that increases the heart rate for a long enough period, your body will release endorphins and not only will you feel less pain, but you will feel good in general too.

Have Some Sugar

Although eating too much sugar is never something to be advised, when you are in pain, eating a small amount can help you. This might be in the form of chocolate, a cookie, a candy bar, or perhaps ice cream. To make yourself feel even better, you could bake your own sweet treats – the smell of them baking can be enough to help as it can reduce the perception of the pain you are experiencing.

Warm Your Joints

If it is your joints that are causing you problems, then warming them up can reduce the pain you are feeling. This is because the blood flow will be increased to that warm area, and this blocks the pain signals that go to your brain.

Use a hot water bottle or warming gel pads, for example, and you will feel a lot of relief. A warm bath can do wonders too.

Cool Down

Although we’ve just advocated warming up aching joints to reduce the pain, in some cases, it is better to cool them down. If you have any kind of inflammation (such as you would experience with arthritis, for example), using an ice pack to cool down the affected area and reduce the inflammation will reduce the pain associated with it too.

Try CBD Oil

You can buy CBD products through reputable websites, and these can help reduce and even relieve pain. CBD is not the same as cannabis and has no drug-like effects as it has no THC in it. Studies into how CBD reduces pain show that it positively impacts the body’s endocannabinoid receptors, reducing pain and inflammation.

Have A Massage

Massage is a wonderful way to relieve pain as it feels great and will leave you with a refreshed and happy feeling too. Massage moves the muscles around and stretches them out beneath the skin. This relaxes the muscles and increases blood flow around the body which, as we have already seen, can have a hugely positive impact on how much pain we feel. Plus, massage will release endorphins, once again reducing pain even further.