If you could build a custom home or remodel it the way you want, you are at an advantage. You can include little nooks and crannies everywhere in the home and make sure that you have tons of storage.

Below, we will talk about some of the cool ways you can add storage to your home as you build it up and these storage solutions will not only provide you with extra space, but they will help increase the value of your home too.

Built-In Shelves

Many homes come with blank walls and that leaves you with a lot of unused or empty space. Sometimes, you can add decorations to the walls or some shelving, but you can never fully use the space up.

One way to combat the empty walls is to have shelving built into them as opposed to placing shelving on them. You can even get creative with your ideas and have a bookshelf, bookcase, or even office built right into the wall.

Don’t Underestimate a Mud Room

The entryway of your home is supposed to blow people away and you do not want to dirty it up with muddy shoes and snow-covered jackets. As you build your home, consider a mud room. This room can be designed with ample storage space in it and allow you the opportunity to keep those muddy shoes and clothes near the laundry room.

As you do build out your mud room, remember to add some benches with storage underneath and hooks on the wall to hang items are a must.

Utilize the Space UNDER the Staircase

Staircases allow us to access the second or third story of our homes, but, have you ever truly looked at a staircase? If you have, then you have noticed that there is A LOT of unused space underneath the staircase. In fact, most of the staircases you see will not make use of this space.

As you design your custom home interior, take into account that this is free space you can use. You can create a beautiful wine storage under the staircase or you can add a small office or even drawers and cabinets to provide you with that extra space you so desperately need.

Add a Nook in the Kitchen

Skip the dining room table and free up some room with a nook in your kitchen. If you have a window that is begging to be looked out of, take advantage of it. Nooks are a great way to incorporate seating in your kitchen while taking up little space.

You can design your nook in a variety of different ways and you will find that they are not only convenient, but they look amazing too.

The Floor is Yours – Do What You Want with It

Your custom-built home is yours to do what you want with and you can add any type of storage and functionality you want to it. As you do design your home, keep in mind what you are missing now and incorporate it to make your life easier.

If you find you still don’t have enough storage space for all of your things, you should consider a storage unit. This is an excellent resource for renting a storage space: https://www.storagearea.com. If you can’t find something in your area, you can also look for mobile storage which might be a good temporary storage option.