Last week thousands of people converged on ExCeL London for the annual ICE Totally Gaming expo that takes place at this time each year. This huge B2B event brings together gaming companies both online and offline and showcases some of the latest innovations. It is the perfect platform for new product launching so exhibitors cannot wait to bring their newest and greatest additions to unveil there. With hundreds of businesses from every sector, there were some great offerings from online gaming to bingo, sports betting to mobile gaming and with the internet offering such a wide audience there were offerings from many different countries.

The venue was buzzing over the three days, and press interest was high as there are some stunning new games and new technologies that were seen for the first time. Every day there was something new to be discovered, and on day two the expo floor was opened, and curiosity was high as attendees were able to mingle and see for themselves the latest and greatest gaming developments. It was widely agreed that the Grande Finale was a stunning success with casino software giants NetEnt making their pitch, an event that is eagerly awaited all year. Their reputation is so robust that it forms the basis for their competitors to try and rival and recreate some of their more successful products.

This year guests were in for a real treat as Per Eriksson, CEO at NetEnt started his presentation by promising not one but two exclusive announcements that the company had saved for the event and kept under top-secret wraps until the conference. The crowd that had gathered to play witness to these announcements was nothing short of spectacular, with other booths attracting a certain amount of attention, but NetEnt showed everyone just how it is done with people several hundred deep cramming around to try and get a look in.

For release this year they were proud to bring their gathered crowds the news that two brand new slots will be hitting the casinos in the coming months. Firstly it was released that they will be branding an Ozzy Osbourne slot which is a tribute to the Black Sabbath rocker and sure to be a popular move among fans, and secondly, if barbarians are more your thing, then you will be able to experience a bit of Conan. NetEnt has always enjoyed brand collaboration, and this years brand/band combination was well received. If that was not enough at the end of their presentation there were Ozzy t-shirts handed out and bit of a free bar for the grateful followers.

NetEnt remains one of the most significant online casino software, and their games can be found in many casinos. For those looking to try some of their games in the New Jersey area then why not check out where you will find a selection of entirely legal games on offer so you can get your Ozzy fix, play with Conan or check out the many other games on offer.