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Videos hold the key into the treasure called memories. Yes, we all have our beautiful memories captured and treasured in form of a video file. MOV file is one of the most widely used video file formats. However, these file formats can get damaged and fail to play your video file causing you a great loss. This article will give you a complete insight about what to do when your MOV file is damaged.

What is a MOV file? A MOV file is one of the most commonly used multimedia file format developed Apple which is compatible with both Mac and Windows operating system. MOV files are prone to get corrupt and damaged due to various reasons causing huge loss to its owner.

What are the common causes behind MOV file corruption? In all the below-mentioned scenarios the MOV file might be corrupted or damaged:

  • A malware infection can damage your MOV file
  • Interruptions while transferring files between devices can leave your file damaged
  • Converting the file frequently to other file formats also leads to MOV file corruption
  • Header file corruption.

If you have damaged your MOV file there are some common indications like an unplayable video file, encountering errors when you try to play a video file that is damaged or corrupted. The only way to repair your MOV file is to make use of a trusted file repair tool.

Which is the best MOV file repair tool? Remo Repair MOV is the most preferred corrupt MOV video repair tool available across all platforms of Windows and Mac. The easy to use tool is designed to securely repair MOV files that are recorded any smartphone and cameras of various brands.

Some important features of Remo Repair MOV:

  • Supports the fixing of videos shot on iPhone and GoPro cameras
  • Capable of repairing both MOV and Mp4 file formats
  • Easy to use interface repairs video file in few clicks
  • Support for audio (sowt, RAW, mp4a) and video (avc1, mp4v, mjpeg) codecs
  • A free preview of video files after repairing the video.

How to get a playable MOV file using Remo Repair? There are so many softwares that boast of securely repair your damaged or corrupted file. However, Remo MOV repair tool stands out due to its unique approach towards repairing the video file where the security of the video file comes first.

The file repair software doesn’t work on the original damaged file, instead, it makes a copy of the video file that needs to be repaired and works on it to rebuild a working, playable MOV file.

To start with the repair processed the software asks you to upload a healthy video of the same file format for a reference. After that, you need to upload the file that needs to be repaired. The software with the help of a reference file provided will work on it to repair and produce playable MOV file.

After completion of a repair process, the software allows you to take a look at the video file that you repaired. This way the tool will let you check the software by giving you an option of Preview.

Final thoughts on Remo Repair MOV

With many tools out there in the market, it is quite fascinating that Remo has managed to design an easy to use and quick file repair software. Arguably Remo is the best MOV repair tool that not only promises but also delivers the user requirements. Try this software which is completely free to download and also available across all the platforms of Windows and Mac. Do let us know your thoughts in the comment section below.