Organize your life with us! Take a look at the best iOS and Android apps to make your life well-balanced and enjoyable. Check out these useful tips that will help you reach any goal!

Organize Your Life with the Best iOS and Android Apps

In case you didn’t notice, 2019 is already here. The last year before a new decade! Of course, it takes some time to get yourself together after all the holiday festivities and parties. But, here you are — at the threshold of a new year, full of motivation to make a fresh start, achieve all the set goals, and become a better person.

However, you can’t just snap your fingers and get everything you want at once. Many of these goals can be challenging! Therefore, the first thing you should do is take inventory of your life.

In an era of advanced technology, using various devices can make your life a lot easier. Different apps can help you keep things organized. In this article, we are going to focus on three major types of apps:

  • Apps that help with planning
  • Apps that help with finance management
  • Apps that help with time management

We will provide you with a bunch of useful tips that will help you live a more well-balanced and enjoyable life. Are you ready?

To Do or Not to Do?
The first problem people frequently face at the beginning of the year is how not to get lost in the endless “what to do,” “where to go,” “what to buy,” etc. Some simple and convenient apps can help you remember everything! Let’s take a look at three of them:

  • Todoist

No, not a “to-do list.” This little app can help anybody manage their tasks by conveniently organizing the to-dos. If you have a particular schedule (for example, “go to the gym every Monday”), the app will send you a corresponding notification. An excellent way to form a habit, isn’t it?

Prioritize your tasks and make plans for weeks ahead easily! With this app, you can even share tasks with your friends and work on them together. Todoist will help you monitor your progress and motivate you to become better at organizing your life.

  • Remember the Milk

Or the toilet paper. Or anything else you wanted to buy but forgot to for some reason. Well, Remember the Milk is not only about shopping lists. It is a good app for busy people, and the greatest thing about it is that all your tasks will be conveniently synchronized regardless of the device you use. It can also send you notifications via Twitter, Skype, Siri, or Alexa! Your tasks may be complemented with useful files, divided into subtasks, or shared with your friends. Also, the variety of themes in Remember the Milk won’t leave you indifferent.

  • Wunderlist

A convenient app with a friendly and clean interface. Want to watch a movie tomorrow or finish a design project by Friday? Wunderlist is your best helper! With it, you can put similar tasks in separate folders, create discussions, add various materials to your tasks, etc. The app is available for many platforms, including iOS, Android, and Windows and can even be installed as a browser extension.

Spend Your Money Wisely
They say that money rules the world. But how do you rule the money? With online money-transferring and contactless payments, we don’t notice how quickly our wallets get drained. Let’s take a peek at some of the most convenient iOS and Android apps that can help you manage your finances (and maybe become a millionaire one day):

  • Venmo

A free app that makes it easy for you to monitor your spending. All you need to do to start using Venmo is link it to your Facebook account or e-mail address. Venmo only charges 3% for credit cards and $0,25 for a money transfer.

  • Wally

Want to know where all your money goes to? Monitor how much you spend on every aspect of your life with Wally! Check the balance easily and set any financial goal you want. The app is very user-friendly — it lets you add transfers you need or delete the ones you made by mistake. But the best thing about it is that it’s free! Pretty cool for a little helper that keeps your finances in check, huh?

  • Mint

It’s a one-size-fits-all app! With Mint, you can plan your budget, monitor your credit score, and categorize your expenses. No more late fees! Mint helps you save your money and protect your wallet. With it, you can plan your bills ahead, receive notifications about upcoming payments and get warnings about any suspicious transactions.

Save Your Time
Now that you have put your plans and spending in order, it’s time to talk about the value of time. Though we’re still a long way off from inventing the time machine, we can try to manage our time with the help of these apps:

  • RescueTime — Lets you control your Internet time.
  • Pomodoro — Lets you divide your time into equal periods and schedule in short breaks between them.
  • Forest — Lets you work or study without any distractions (and invest in real tree planting, if you succeed).

Little Things that Matter
There are many other things you could do to live a well-balanced life. Сheck out these useful tips:

Save time whenever and wherever you can

Identify the smallest time drainers and try avoiding them. Install security software and ad blockers to get rid of distractions in the workplace. Use to save yourself the trouble of having to empty your inbox folder every day. If you are a student, consider installing time management programs to be able to prepare any project efficiently. You can also use online paper editing services to get the job done quickly and efficiently.

Give yourself some time to refresh your mind

It is hard to pull yourself together and organize your day if your head is full of different thoughts. There is plenty of apps for meditation (e.g., Headspace, Calm, Mindbody, etc.) that can help you concentrate, come up with fresh ideas in, and relax. So, why not give them a try?

Take breaks

It doesn’t matter if you are a busy office worker, high school student, or working mother — you should always devote time to yourself. Have a bubble bath or refreshing shower, take a walk in the park, or chat with your friend. Remember – organizing your life is all about small but important things!