Eclipse by Ngomad – Display Enhancer for Your Mobile Phone | NewsWatch Review

CES/Tech Report

Have you ever been outside, looked down at your phone, and been blinded by the reflection because it’s so bright out?

Well, that’s why everyone needs an Eclipse Display Enhancer on their phone, the first aftermarket overlay to reduce unwanted reflection on your phone display while simultaneously protecting your screen.

Ngomad is a tech company from Arizona. They produce an exciting new product – the eclipse Mobile display and enhancer. Eclipse is the first aftermarket overlay that incorporates optical interference coating that eliminates unwanted reflection.

Eclipse is what is called a display enhancer. They provide a very elegant solution to the entire reflection problem. Laminating the eclipse display enhancer on top of a mobile phone is a very simple process. Like putting on a screen protector, screen enhancer is used by over 70%.

This makes the display brighter with more vivid color and more effective contrast ratio and viewability. Essentially, this display quality will also enable users to reduce the brightest setting on the phone while being outside by up to 35 percent which will significantly improve battery life. The eclipse display enhancer is the only aftermarket that significantly improves quality.

Learn how you can get yours today by heading to [pronounced: gnomad] or today.