Sunday, December 3, 2023

Movie Talk – Top Gun: Maverick Soars

By: Nick Gambino In 1986, a little movie released by Paramount Pictures became a worldwide phenomenon and broke box office records week after week, raking in well north of $100 million. The...

Movie Talk – The Best Streaming Services

We're switching up the way we do Movie Talk for the day to talk a bit about streaming services. Nowadays it seems like there's an endless catalog of streaming services from...

The Best Basketball Movies Ever Made

Photo: JESHOOTS By: Nick Gambino Sports movies exist in a category unto themselves, but if you look at the sports movie genre, you can usually break it down into subgenres. These subgenres...

Black History Month – 2022

With Black History Month coming to a close, we wanted to not only acknowledge the black community and all that they've done to build this country. We also want to share...

Movie Talk – The Batman

Everyone is hyped about the new Batman movie hitting theatres on March 4th and we are no exception. In this episode of "Movie Talk," we discuss "The Batman" with special guest...

Movie Talk – Our Favorite Will Smith Flicks

Everyone loves a good Will Smith movie. Whether you're in the mood for a sci-fi-fantasy-buddy-cop, or a , odds are Will Smith is in it.  Today we chat about our personal...

Did You Know? – CES

In this episode of "Did You Know?" we talk CES. It's where pocket radios were introduced to the world, and where Windows XP Media Center was first demonstrated

Movie Talk – Is It a Christmas Movie?

Castaway, Legally Blonde, and Batman Returns are all classics—but do you know what else they are? Christmas movies. Right? Well in todays' "Movie Talk," we ask the question: what makes a...

Did You Know? – Holiday Edition

What was the first song played in space? What Christmas classic got its start as a Thanksgiving song? How many donuts are eaten during Hanukkah in just Isreal alone? All of...

What is Symmetry in Photography?

Symmetry is apparent when one side of a photo mirrors the other. Most photographers, from beginners to professionals, are familiar with the concept of photography symmetry. But what exactly does symmetry...

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Tesla Delivers First Cybertrucks

By: Nick Gambino The wait is over, at least for a special few who received delivery of their Tesla Cybertruck at an event on Thursday...

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