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Consumer Update

If you’ve ever thought about making money through Real Estate Investing than you probably know there’s a lot you need to learn before you can get started.

Wholesaling Inc provides you with all the tools, systems and strategies you need to become a successful Real Estate Investor, with hundreds of success stories under their belt.

Did you know that 68 percent of Americans are living paycheck to paycheck? Well, Co-founder and CEO of Wholesaling, Cody Hofhine, didn’t want to be in that statistic anymore.

It was just a few short years ago that Hofhine was selling insurance for an agency and he happened to go to a real estate/investor meet-up. He was listening to someone speak about how he had just done this real estate, wholesale deal and made $27,000. So he wanted in.

Hofhine knew this was something he wanted more than anything to do, though, he tried to do it on his own and failed miserably. He ultimately hired a mentor who taught him how to do it and made $24,000 in his first 45 days and thought, “This is it!”.

Wholesaling is truly the secret weapon to real estate investing. It’s finding a deeply discounted property you’re able to put under contract and then sell to another investor for a huge profit, and that’s it.

So it really is the easiest way. You don’t need a ton of money to get into it and you can do it in your spare time. It really is the easiest way to get into real estate.

Learn how to become successful at Real Estate Investing by heading over to Wholesaling Inc.