C25K by Zen Labs Fitness – An Inspirational Coach for First-Time Runners | NewsWatch Review


Have you ever thought about getting into running but don’t know where to start? Well, we have the perfect app for you. C25K by Zen Labs Fitness is an app designed for first-time runners.

C25K allows you to track your calories and distances every time you run, with an inspirational coach that helps you along the way. You can take strides with a curated list of music from top DJs around the world – and you can even adjust the BPM to how fast you’re running, making the music sync with each step.

Now, C25K also integrates with your other devices and the Health app to seamlessly integrate into your life. If you want to take things a step further, you can join C25K’s large community of runners on Facebook or their forum, where you can ask questions and give advice.

If you’ve dominated the 5K and are looking for another challenge, you can check out the dozens of other Zen Labs Fitness apps, like the 10K Trainer or 13.1 Half Marathon, to be your personal trainer and running mate.

You can learn more today by searching for C25K in the App Store or by heading to ZenLabsFitness.com today.