multi-tabling online poker

Poker is a numbers game. It may come as a surprise to learn that many poker players are astute mathematicians, statisticians, and masters of odds. Like blackjack, there are many ways to gain an advantage over the opposition in poker. Poker veterans and recreational players alike focus on several variables when contemplating poker earnings.

Some of the elements to consider include advantage play, pot odds, single table tournaments (STTs), sit & go’s (SNGs), and multi-table tournaments (MTTs). Of course, players can easily flit between playing styles, games, and tournament types at their leisure. Mastery of poker is a lifelong pursuit, but with each incremental step, players can move closer to their objectives.

Poker relies on an innate understanding of psychology, bankroll management, and rules. Each discipline needs to be fully understood for successful gaming outcomes. Given the time constraints available to players, one of the most effective ways to increase winning probabilities is to participate in multiple poker games at the same time.

This ingenious concept has been in existence for many years in the casino industry, notably with video poker games where players can participate in dozens of hands at the same time. This double-edged sword allows players to maximize their advantage by increasing the number of hands in play per unit time, but it also increases the bet outlay per unit time. Experienced poker players can benefit from multi-tabling in online poker.

How Does Multi-Table Poker Work?

Assume poker player X plays online poker for two hours every day. If player X decides to participate at multiple poker tables simultaneously, player X can easily increase the number of games played and the potential winnings. Many of the world’s premier online poker rooms feature multi-table online poker games.

The format of multi-table poker games can either be stacked or tiled. If a player opts for stacked poker games, each game appears in its own window and is stacked on top of the previous window. This is ideal for poker players who prefer a large number of multi-table games. Of course, this method of gameplay requires a keen understanding of settings and an eye for details. One of the best aspects of stacked multi-table games is that these types of SNGs or MTTs will display the right game when it is the player’s turn to act.

Tiling is equally popular among poker players. The concept itself is easy to understand; multiple games are displayed on the screen at the same time. The only difference this time is that they are adjacent to one another. With tiling, there is no overlapping of poker games – everything is visible from one screen.

The size of your screen, the image quality, and the power of your PC or Mac will determine how many tiled multi-table games you can play at the same time. Some players prefer to load up multiple computer screens across their workstation to enjoy much greater multi-tabling gameplay. As a casual player, it’s not necessary to have multiple monitors in play simultaneously. Tiling has one unique advantage over stacking: you can see what other players are doing at different tables, even if it’s not your turn to act.

How Best to Play Multi-Table Poker Games?

Multi-table poker games require a different sort of focus from players. Given that there are multiple games in session simultaneously, it’s important to minimize the number of factors under consideration. Profitability will be negatively impacted by changing strategies and game plans from one table to the next. Multi-table gameplay requires a simplistic approach to forming top-ranking poker hands.

To get the most traction from your game plan, it’s important to stick to one type of poker game. That could be Omaha Hi, Omaha Hi-Lo, Texas Hold’em, or 7-card stud poker. The strategy that you employ must be conducive to playing multiple games simultaneously. This is easier said than done since each game is played on its merits. A good way to start with multi-table gameplay is with a limited number of games at first, gradually increasing the number of poker games as your proficiency improves.

As with all poker gaming sessions at reputable online poker rooms like 888poker, you want to limit outside influences to a minimum. Multi-table gameplay at reputable online poker rooms is best served by playing in a secluded place where you will not be distracted by the elements. Turn off the TV, the radio, and the outside noise – focus on the poker games. Tournament strategies for SNGs and MTTs will vary by the intensity of the game, the stakes, and the quality of the players.

The type of game plan you adopt depends on how many fish are at your table versus how many poker whales and card sharks are engaged in the multi-table sessions. During tournament play, you may be required to direct all of your attention to the end stages of a poker tournament where you will be able to focus exclusively on a high-stakes game, rather than diverting your attention at multiple low-stakes tables. With these tips in mind, it’s entirely possible to improve the win/loss ratio, maximize the number of games played per session, and grow as a poker player.