By: Nick Gambino

PC gamers working with a small display just got a free upsizing thanks to a new Microsoft app that allows you to stream PC games through your Xbox One.

The Wireless Display app, as the name implies, allows you to make a wireless connection between your PC and Xbox One and then cast all your games through it to your TV. That means if you’re rocking a 65-inch TV, PC gaming just got a whole lot better.

The set-up allows you to use your Xbox controller to play any Steam or other PC game. You can also use it for presentations or a group photo-viewing session. The controller will act as a replacement for your keyboard and mouse so you can control your PC and the cursor. Unfortunately, there’s no support currently for using your mouse and keyboard while casting through your Xbox One.

If you’re wondering if you need to buy any cables or dongles to make the connection work, you don’t. The Wireless Display app uses built-in Miracast to form the connection between computer and console. It also means you don’t need an internet connection to make it happen. Though, per their app description, they are using Infracast in beta that would give you a more stable connection through your WiFi network.

A simple simultaneous pressing of the winkey and “P” will send the stream through your Xbox to your TV. Now, you won’t be able to project content that’s protected, like streaming video from Netflix or Hulu. Though, I don’t know why you would want to when you could just play them through the Netflix or Hulu app directly on your Xbox One.

This wasn’t the only piece of news from the Microsoft/Xbox front this week. Microsoft also announced that they’re planning a major integration of Xbox Live and mobile games. The company is launching a software developer kit (SDK) for mobile game developers that can be used to create cross-platform functionality on iOS and Android games.

Developers will be able to choose what kind of features from the Xbox Live platform they’d like to include in their mobile games. They can include things like friends lists, game scores, achievements, etc.

So, it’s a big week for cross-platform gaming. It’s nice to see some unity in a sphere that is notoriously divisive.