Louson Drums – Take Your Drum Everywhere You Go | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Like many musical instruments, the Cajon drum has a rich history dating all the way back to the 18th century in Peru. The box drum’s popularity has only increased over the centuries and has never been as in-demand as right now.

The CajonTab is a unique take on the classic instrument that allows drummers to take it on the go. The CajonTab has an adjustable sound hole cover, which allows you to change the pitch of the drum. The drum also includes a snare attachment that goes on or off quickly. Just slide the snare to the bottom of the drum when you don’t want it.

The CajonTab can create either a clean tone, similar to a Peruvian Cajon or a snare tone like a flamenco Cajon.

You have the option to use this bad boy as a lap drum, or you can use the included Louson Drums [loo-son] logo guitar strap if you feel like getting up and moving around. Something tells me, you’re going to want to get on your feet for this one.

You can purchase the CajonTab Bongo from LousonDrums.com. For a 10% discount use the code “NewsWatchTV10.”