Cureatr – Comprehensive Medication Management Company | NewsWatch Review

Health Update

It’s no secret that the healthcare system in the United States is incredibly disconnected. If a patient visits a doctor, the doctor can only see the patient’s medication history within their network, relying on the patient for detailed information about their entire medication history. Cureatr is here to connect the narrative of every patient’s history.

Cureatr is a comprehensive medication management company. They fill that hole of not knowing all the medications that patients are taking by giving a universal view of everything that’s happened for a particular patient across all institutions – whether a patient got a prescription in Hawaii when they fell off a bike or whether it’s their heart medicine back home.

Cureatr has given that view to prescribers, doctors, pharmacists, and then work with those people to help them manage the full-blown medication regime for that patient, so everyone knows everything that’s going on and can be coordinated. When a patient goes to CVS and picks up a prescription, if they’ve consented for this, and their doctor will allow it, then Cureatr sees that point of sale transaction. For example, they know if you’ve recently been diagnosed with Type 2 Diabetes, you’ve been prescribed Metformin and whether you picked up your prescription or not.

And if you haven’t, the doctor who cares for you will reach out and say “What’s going on? Cureatr doesn’t see that you’ve gone to CVS.” That’s sort of feature one – it’s the integration of a point of sale data and a lot of insurance claims to make that a real-time view.

The visual organization representation of a complicated medication regime needs to be able to allow the clinically trained specialist to see where they’re therapeutic gaps. And third and finally, we integrate clinical services.

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