My Crypto Heroes – Blockchain-Based RPG | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

There are no limits to what blockchain technology can be used for. It seems every day we turn around and there’s some new platform built on the revolutionary tech. My Crypto Heroes is a blockchain based casual RPG that might just become your next obsession.

In My Crypto Heroes, you’re tasked with collecting and training heroes pulled directly from the history books. I’m talking people like Joan of Arc, George Washington, Napoleon, and other historical characters. You’ll take each of them and send them into battle with the right equipment to conquer your enemies. Your heroes and equipment are recorded permanently on the blockchain.

This ensures each item carries an actual value and you’re your heroes and extensions can be traded with other players at outside markets. And with over 5,000 daily active users and around 10 thousand Ethereum sold in the past few months, you’re going to have fun and make some money.

This is unlike other games where you effectively waste your time and money by having everything disappear when you complete the game. Here you can change the picture attached to each character. This function changes not only the visual but the skill and parameters of your heroes.

So, whether you’re an RPG vet or a crypto fan, this game was built for you. To find out more about this unique experience go to