ItsaCheckmate – Software Company Developing Solutions for the Restaurant Industry | NewsWatch Review

Biz Report/Consumer Update

If you’re like most, you’ve probably placed an order with an on-demand food service like UberEats or Postmates. The restaurant that takes that order has a unique tablet for each service.

That means they have to manage multiple tablets, accept orders, communicate with the kitchen and eventually the driver. As you can imagine, it can be overwhelming. That’s where ItsaCheckmate comes in.

Checkmate is a software company that is developing solutions for the restaurant industry.

Their first product deals with integrating orders from all the different ordering platforms, Such as grub hub, UberEats, Postmates, DoorDash and the others directly to the point of sales systems of the restaurants.

The frustrations restaurants have with on-demand orders is that they are now required to manually enter orders from various sources into the main system. Each online ordering platform gives them a tablet that they are required to manually transcribe into the POS system. For example, each restaurant could be on 4 to 5 different platforms which caused 4 to 5 different tablets in constant operation. This ultimately led to one of the many frustrations Checkmate wanted to resolve.

Restaurants that are using Checkmate’s product are finding relief and realizing how they were previously working harder. All orders can now come in directly to the POS and print out of the kitchen printer. It’s as if the customer has direct access to the kitchen printer which has proved to be the biggest relief factor for the operators who were previously managing the tablets.

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