Shootr – The Ultimate Chat for TV | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Content creators are always looking for new ways to keep their viewers engaged and watching.

Well, one surefire way to accomplish that challenging feat is with chat boxes.

With Shootr’s easy-to-install SDK, content creators can seamlessly integrate chat boxes directly in their content – and it’s viewable on a computer, tablet, or your phone.

Unlike other chat boxes, Shootr’s chat boxes open automatically, so the viewer doesn’t have to go and look for the chat – though, the chat isn’t obtrusive or clunky.

Viewers can either chat with the entire audience or they can chat with their friends individually.

What’s more, is that businesses have the option to promote ads and as your company grows, Shootr can too – it’s entirely scalable to your needs. You can monitor how well the chat feature is working, detailed analytics, and revenue reports.

So if you are a creator and want to bring your content to the next level while improving engagement and retention, you need to check out Shootr’s easy to install chat.

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