PIE Smart Tape Measure – Measure Your Size with Ease and Efficiency | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

Everything man-made that you see and touch has been measured within half an inch to make sure the size is just right, yet we’re all still using tape measures that are more than a century old, especially when it comes to measuring our bodies.

Bagel Labs has made it their mission to innovate the way we measure size with the PIE Smart Tape Measure.

By utilizing the tip, hook and tensional gears of the PIE measuring tape, it makes it easy to measure your waistline. And with PIE’s patented technology, you can always trust in an accurate measurement. In addition, you can count on the data being sent to your smartphone application with the click of a button.

PIE is unique in that there is nothing else out there like this on the market. It has multiple uses such as measuring someone’s body or for those who are looking to check the measurement of their thighs and track their performance.

Personal trainers can also benefit from PIE Smart Tape Measure so they can keep track of their clients’ fitness goals

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