The Job Auction – Find Job Opportunities with Ease | NewsWatch Review


With websites dedicated to freelance work and job hunting, there are more opportunities than ever to make money. But where do you start? We suggest The Job Auction.

The Job Auction is a website designed to help you find a job, freelance work, or someone to work for you. Think of it like eBay for jobs. There are three listing types available – jobs, tasks, and auctions. Jobs are for anyone looking for staff or for employment. Tasks are one-off jobs for freelancers at a fixed rate.

This is the perfect listing if you just need a short-term job taken to completion or if you’re a freelancer that doesn’t want to get stuck in a long-term situation. Then there’s the auction. An auction caters to a job you want to fill or a skill you want to promote.

If you post a job auction, you’ll receive bids on the job, allowing you to get the best price possible. The same goes for a Skill Auction. People will bid on your unique skill, making sure you get the best rate.

The winning bid means you’ve just secured some work for yourself. You can learn more at