casino slots
Online casino concept. Chips and smartphone on green felt background. 3d illustration

Much has been written about online gambling and online casino slots in the last couple of years as the two experience a surge in popularity. For many, the idea of partaking in the “Vegas experience” from just about anywhere, whether through an app on their phone or a website on their laptop, is appealing.

Of course, it’s a highly regulated field with rules and restrictions as to where and how these online casinos can operate. While different state regulations might restrict gameplay depending on where you log in, there is another way to at least experience the thrill of slots without running afoul of the law.

Free online social slots offer all the fun of playing regular slots without the pressure of ponying up real money. Many of these slots allow you to play and win in-game coins, thus creating its own ecosystem.

One example of a popular online social casino app that offers tons of fun and engaging free slots is Gambino Slots. Gambino Slots (seemingly a clever amalgam of “gambling” and “casino”) offers a ton of colorful and exciting free virtual slot machines that perfectly capture the vibe of pulling the lever at a Vegas slot.

A quick scan of their site will turn up a plethora of themed slots like Blackbeard, Cinderella, Snow Queen, Jurassic and even a seedy Mafia machine. Each slot sports interesting characters and visuals that tell the tale. Though, what you’re really here for is to win.

But again, you’re not spinning for real money, that’s why most of the content is free. Of course, there are in-app purchases of coins available in case you become slightly obsessed with playing, which is entirely possible. Once you sign up for a free account, you’ll be able to start spinning to win free coins, earn loyalty points and even score prizes and special bonuses.

The focus is simply on having fun and creating a social experience. In fact, it’s highly recommended that the player signs up through their Facebook account, not unlike other gaming apps that encourage this set-up, like Candy Crush.

Smartphones have revolutionized entire industries with hip-pocket access to just about anything, and the casino industry is no different. And while online gambling with real money is tightly regulated, free online casino apps like Gambino Slots offer the experience without the pressure of losing hard-earned money.