UGears – Unique Self-Propelled Mechanical Models | NewsWatch Review

Consumer Update

If we’re lucky, fantasy and wonder stay with us well beyond childhood. Though it’s a tall task with the demands of everyday life beating down on us constantly. But then something like UGears comes along and awakens our sense of wonder.

UGears is the creator and manufacturer of highly unique self-propelled mechanical models.

These models are designed for self-assembly without the need for glue and are made in Ukraine entirely of high-grade plywood. In other words, these beautiful self-moving models are all natural materials.

Inspired by steampunk fantasy, they offer a clear view of all moving components, including gears, and pendulums, creating a unique and unforgettable experience.

You can choose from a number of models including Business card holder, Tractor, Safe, Locomotive, Flower, Treasure Box, and so much more. Each one requires your assembly, which is an important part of the experience. While they are relatively easy to put together with step-by-step instructions, they also present a slight challenge, making it a bit like a puzzle.

UGears self-propelling wood models are an original and unique gift for kids and adults alike. You can purchase your very own 3D Self-Assembly Mechanical Model by visiting today.